Or reading them, either.

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Sam regrets showing Steve Abba

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Parker + Glasses

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THIS Happened.

And the world is now a little better. 

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fullerverse protagonists [1/4]:

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They say your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the moment before you die. That might be true if you’re terminally ill or your parachute doesn’t open. But if death sneaks up on you, all you have time to think is…aw shit. 

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season 1 vs. season 5

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Jesus Christ, Billy Elliot! You're a disgrace to them gloves, 
your father, and the traditions of this boxing hall!

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     You really never stood a chance.

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  • What I said: Watch this show it's really good
  • What I meant: For the love of God please watch this I need friends who understand my pain I need someone to talk about it with that hasn't heard all my opinions a billion times please I am begging you

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Mother delivers moving speech defending trans daughter

Debi Jackson, who is the mother of 6-year-old trans girl AJ, was speaking at the Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City.

Contains: Some humour (hence the reblog here), discussion of genitals, therapy, and concepts of dyphoria and transphobia by a third party. The speaker uses correct pronouns (she/her/hers) throughout, even when referring to the time when she didn’t understand what being transgender meant/when she thought her daughter was a boy.

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Harry Potter spells [Game edition 1]

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